Hey loves,

So this is something that I am constantly trying to really push on my YouTube Channel. I am a Beauty Personality and I love it! I do love my makeup don’t get me wrong but there is a difference between a love for beauty to feeling like you need makeup to feel beautiful. As the saying goes be your own kind of beautiful I love that quote! It couldn’t be any more of the truth.

As I had stated that I run my channel and it is basically anything beauty related, there is way more to us individuals then Beauty. We are all unique and have our very own special things about us, the problem being that many don’t really truly grasp that fact, that they are beautiful from within and beauty is in everyone and it starts from within! We wear makeup to make the beauty we are born with within to glam our selfs up on certain accessions.

This is what I want to put across, you don’t need to have a face caked full of makeup to be beautiful because that is not beautiful it’s a passion, it’s a hobby, it’s a love, a job. Natural beauty comes within and I want you all to know that you are beautiful just the way you are!

XOXO 💋 NicoleKristine

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